Tyler, the Creator | CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST Tour | Tickets on Sale

So, let's talk about Tyler the Creator.

Tyler released CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST on June 25th, and to be honest this has to be my new favorite album of his and is definitely in strong consideration for my just flat-out favorite album ever (Unless Kanye’s Yahndi counts, pain). 

As far as my favorite song on the album goes, WILSHIRE is my current favorite but that changes from week to week, this is the first album for me that I truly have no skips. Every song is good, and they just give me great vibez. 

Along with the album Tyler has announced he has a tour starting this fall and running through midway next year. I know I will be seeing him for sure in Columbus, and am considering making my way to Chicago to see him a second time. If you are interested in seeing him live, you can get tickets here.

The first concert I ever saw was actually a Tyler the Creator show (back when he was touring with Odd Future) at House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio. I have very vivid memories of trying to join the moshpit and my poor dad just sitting there holding me by the shirt. I talk about that show a lot, and it was that specific show that makes me so passionate about Tixxy. It’s so easy to miss your favorite up-and-coming artists when they play at small venues like Tyler and OF did that night at House of Blues.

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