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Yo, I’m Tixxy. I make it stupid simple for fans to hear about and attend your shows... Which helps you sell more tickets and artists play to fuller rooms.

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Since I’m Already Connected To Your Fans, Here’s How I Help

Sell more tickets by reaching precisely targeted recipients.
Wider distribution without the extra work or cost.
98% open rates and 7.5x better response rates.
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Why Choose Tixxy?

Besides being free for you and easy to use for fans, I also use major ticketing platforms like AXS and Ticketmaster so you can count on a seamless experience. But if that’s not enough, you’ll like me because:

I use major ticketing platforms that you’re already familiar with like AXS and Ticketmaster, so payments come from your existing partners

I help get more people in your venue which means more eyeballs on in-venue ads and more concessions sold

Instead of pay-to-play show promotions, you know that when your shows are announced, people that care about the artist will be instantly notified

With the constant overstimulation of social media notifications, it’s hard to cut through the noise. That’s why I simply text fans directly... which results in higher response rates and quick purchases.

I am completely self-sufficient, requiring next to no effort on your end to get setup.

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In Partnership With

Ticket Master
Tenth Street
Sound Rink
Third String Entertainment

Fans and Artists Love Tixxy

Tixxy is built by musicians, for musicians, fans and promoters alike... So you know that everything we do is in service of you.

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