Never miss a concert again!

Yo, I’m Tixxy. I help you stay in the know about shows you care about happening near you. Never miss a show and get tickets to see your favorite artists, delivered via text as they’re announced.

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How Tixxy Works

Getting concert reminders has never been this easy! Simply sync your music streaming service and we’ll send you concert recommendations for your favorite bands. That’s it!

Connect Your Music Service

This is how I learn what you like.

Enter Your Location

I match show announcements near you.

Never miss a concert again

I’ll text you so you don’t miss your favorite artists.

Why Tixxy?

I make it easy for artists, fans and promoters to connect through live events. My texts are personalized and timely - So fans never miss a show and artists play to more people.

For Fans

Find out about concerts, the second tickets go on-sale

Never miss your favorite artist in concert

Purchase through the platforms you’re already familiar with

For Artists

Fans never miss your concerts

Play to fuller rooms

Totally free for both Artists and Fans

For Promoters

Sell more tickets by reaching precisely targeted recipients

Wider distribution without the extra work

98% open rates and 7.5x better response rates

In Partnership With

Ticket Master
Tenth Street
Sound Rink
Third String Entertainment

Going to concerts is more fun with friends. Invite yours.

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