Play to fuller rooms, no matter where you perform

Yo, I’m Tixxy. I make it stupid simple for fans to hear about and attend your shows... Which helps you play to fuller rooms.

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Since I’m Already Connected To Your Fans, Here’s How I Help

Sell more tickets to your fans, which means you’ll sell more merch.
Concert announcements get to fans at no cost to you.
Reach more people without extra work.

The only thing we sell is tickets, not ads

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Why Choose Tixxy?

I’m free and easy to use... But, that’s not all:

I turn your casual listeners into live concert goers.
I never let your diehard fans down. They are always in the know.
I’m hands free. Once you tell your fans about me, there’s nothing else to do.
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In Partnership With

Ticket Master
Tenth Street
Sound Rink
Third String Entertainment

Fans Love Tixxy

Tixxy is built by musicians, for musicians, fans and promoters alike... So you know that everything we do is in service of you.

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