Tixxy Takes on Music Industry to Offer Free Platform for Artists to Reach Their Fans via SMS


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Cincinnati, OH, October 09, 2021 --( Announced October 7, 2021, Tixxy aims to take on an industry that often pits artists against their own ability to grow. "Not since the days of MySpace could an artist freely distribute a message to all of their fans on a single platform," the founder and CEO of Tixxy said. In the modern world of algorithmic news feeds, key industry gatekeepers have gained traction by unlocking connections to an artist’s entire fanbase for a fee, pulling critical finances from the artists' pockets which could otherwise be used in other promotional areas or put towards making more music. Tixxy is bringing a paradigm shift, allowing artists to message their fanbase free of charge.

Founder of Tixxy and former drummer of the platinum-selling band Hawthorne Heights, Eron Bucciarelli said, "I’ve been in the artist's shoes. Artists pour their hearts and souls into the music that they create. You win over fans and then you’re forced to pay every platform out there to reach your entire fanbase. It’s frustrating and fundamentally unfair. There’s a more equitable way that treats artists as partners and not customers."

Tixxy, the SMS-based personalized concert alert platform, now introduces a free way for artists to reach the people that are already listening to their music. Tixxy users connect their Spotify or Apple Music to receive predictive concert alerts by text message. Tixxy generates revenue through affiliate relationships with primary ticket companies, live streaming services, and eventually through helping artists sell more merchandise. Tixxy only makes money when the artist makes more money. Users will now also receive direct messages from their favorite artists about new music, merch drops, news and more.

"The goal here is to empower the artists unlike ever before," Bucciarelli says. "Finally we're able to put the power back in their hands, which ultimately provides a tighter connection with fans and a better approach to the music industry at large."

To get started with Tixxy, simply visit to sign up for the free service. If you are a venue, promoter or artist looking to learn how Tixxy can help you sell more tickets and build stronger relationships with fans, contact

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