Artists Can Now Text Fans For FREE With Tixxy's New Artist-First Product

Today, Tixxy released our latest update that allows music artists to send SMS messages to their fans for free!

I’m a former professional musician that got into tech and wants to help other musicians. My first startup, Soundstr, aimed to help artists earn more royalties when their music is played in bars, nightclubs and venues - kind of like Shazam, but for businesses. My new startup, Tixxy is making it easier for fans to discover concerts and connect with their favorite artists.

As an artist, I was always frustrated when we’d make an announcement and only a small portion of our fans would see it. This meant fans missed our shows and news about the band. Ultimately, this meant we lost money.

The only way for artists to reach all of their fans is to pay tons of money. You either pay to “boost” posts social posts, pay CRM companies to send messages to your email lists or just live with only reaching 20% of your fans. Do you really own your list of fans if you have to pay to reach them? It’s total bullshit - artists work hard to win fans over with their art, and now they have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for the right to reach them. I don’t think that’s cool.

Tixxy helps fans find out about concerts based on the music they listen to and sends them text alerts. Tixxy does this automatically and predictively. There’s no app to download or maintain and fans control how frequently they’re alerted - no spam! And, it’s totally free!

Artists never have to send out a concert announcement again. Tixxy just does it the second tickets go on sale. In addition to automating targeted tour marketing, Tixxy now allows artists to send custom SMS alerts to their ENTIRE fanbase for free!

But how is this free?

Unlike traditional CRMs, social media companies or concert apps, Tixxy makes money when someone buys a concert ticket through our platform. Tixxy gets paid when the artist gets paid (and the artist gets paid a lot more - how it should be).

If you’re an artist and you think it’s bullshit that you have to pay to reach your fanbase, learn more here: or email us to get started: