Artists shouldn’t have to pay to reach their fans - Now, they don't have to.

Tixxy is so excited to announce that we now allow artists to send custom messages to their entire Tixxy audience for FREE and we pledge to do so, forever. 

Why This Is Important

Dinosaur concert apps, social media, traditional communication tools and even some of the newer ones that artists use to connect with fans, charge artists to reach their entire audience. Even though social media allows artists to reach some of their following, artists always have to pay if they want to reach their entire fanbase. Got a new song? Pay up. Got a tour announcement? Pay up. Reloaded your merch store? Pay up. Not since Myspace has any platform allowed an artist to freely message all of their fans. It’s been 15 years+ and things haven’t changed until now. 

A New Paradigm

“Fuck you, pay me” isn’t Tixxy’s business model because our service was built by artists with the specific intent of helping artists. Rather than simply using artists to kickstart user growth only to essentially stab them in the back by selling ads and access to their fans, Tixxy makes money through arrangements with ticket companies. Both Tixxy and artists want to sell more concert tickets. If Tixxy doesn’t sell a ticket, Tixxy doesn’t make money. So Tixxy is on the same team as artists!

What Is Tixxy?

For those artists that are hearing about Tixxy for the first time, Tixxy is a service that automatically texts concert alerts to fans, based on the music they listen to so they never miss a show! Now, Tixxy allows artists to send other important messages to fans, for free! There’s no app for fans to download. Tixxy doesn’t layer on additional fees to tickets. Tixxy doesn’t sell data or spam people. We like to think of Tixxy as a more ethical marketing tool for artists. 

How To Get Started

If you’re an artist and want to start messaging your fans for free, just go here and sign-up. All we ask in return is you tell your fans about Tixxy. Don’t want to message your fans for free, no worries. We’ll still promote your shows for free!

Artists shouldn’t have to pay to reach their fans.

Read our full press release announcing this functionality.