Missing Your Favorite Band Hurts

Some days your 6am alarm hits like a ton of bricks. Getting out of bed isn’t a huge priority at the moment, so you roll-over, grab your phone off the nightstand and scroll through Instagram. Last night was WILD. Under normal circumstances, your morning sluggishness would be directly related to the captured moments in your feed, but not today. You. Weren’t. There. 

Your favorite band since high school played down the street from your apartment and you couldn’t go. You didn’t find out about the show until a week ago. Even if your boss was cool enough to let you off work, the show was already sold out. 

Damn. It hurts. Not only did you miss a legendary show, now you have to listen to your friends rub it in. The sun isn’t even up yet and your day already sucks. 

We’ve all been there. We’ve all found out about a concert too late. Maybe the concert sold out, you had other plans or didn’t have enough time to get friends to join you. If you’re older, maybe you couldn’t find a babysitter in time or secondary market tickets were too pricey. Regardless, missing your favorite artist is no fun and it all boils down to one simple reason: awareness (or lack thereof). 

In such a connected world, why are people unaware of concerts and events?

It all boils down to unawareness and it’s a huge problem for everyone; concert promoters, artists and of course us, the fans! It’s such a huge problem that 40% of concert tickets go unsold! 

There are many reasons for this unawareness

Social Media Overload

Social media feeds are built around algorithms that control what you see, what you don’t see and when you see it. You don’t always see everything your friends post the instant they post it because an algorithm might deem something else (like an ad) to be a higher priority at that given moment. If you weren’t scrolling when your friend liked an event, or an artist posted about a tour, you missed out. 

Paid Advertising (Social Media)

Not every concert promoter or artist manager is savvy enough to target you and you might not make it easy to be targeted. Think about it like this: Do you like/follow every artist you’ve ever listened to on every social media platform? Probably not. That takes a lot of work and time. Put simply: if you don’t follow an artist, you probably won’t see advertisements for their concerts, even if you would attend. 

Paid Advertising (Traditional Media)

What are the chances you’re going to listen to the radio, pass a billboard or pick-up a paper? These shotgun approaches rely purely on luck/happenstance for you to find out about a concert. If you’re not in the right place, at the right time, you lose. 

You’re busy 

You have school or work or have kids or whatever else. Life is busy as hell. What are the chances of you having time to check a venue or artist’s website AND an artist you like is performing soon AND you have that date available AND you’ve budgeted for it AND there are tickets still available AND all the other stars aligned so you can attend? The chances are slim. 

Concert Awareness = Luck

In every one of these examples there’s a substantial amount of luck involved when it comes to finding out about a concert:

  • You weren’t online at the right moment;

  • The algorithm didn’t let you see the event;

  • You don’t listen to the radio;

  • You didn’t pass the billboard;

  • You didn’t check the venue’s website;

  • You didn’t check the artist’s website;

  • The artist wasn’t touring near you;

  • The promoter didn’t target you with an ad;

  • And so many more!

The end result is always the same: you missed your favorite artist and now you know why! I promise you: It’s not your fault. 

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